Thursday, September 6, 2012

Days 24 - 25

Days 24 – 25
16th and 17th August.

So, some of you may now know that I am home in Australia, so this is a post Newfoundland post. It was tricky to get anything down in my last few days at Woody point, as I spent them packing down all the things from my lovely house, and giving my love to all the wonderful people I had met.

On my last night in town we had a very delicious and excellent sushi diner extravaganza up at the artists house. Here is a photo of all the food we collated:

And are all the beautiful people about it eat it:

It was great to have so many amazing chefs to make this dinner, and so many enthusiastic diners as well. Andrew, Munju and Kris, you are the sushi royalty. A hundred points!

On my very last day I said goodbye to a few people missing the night before, and some who were there as well. I had a good last few tunes with the excellent Charlie Payne, and had a quick hug with sweet Kris and the staff of Parks Canada. And then I headed on down to Galliott studios to be seeing off the very lovely Jenn and Olivia. And also to eat some Poutine.

Here is a photo of us:

This photo is a good example of how I feel about the whole shebang in Woody Point. May the time sweep past until I return.